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Firewood links:

good general discussion of firewood

Canadian Govt. site providing valuable information on burning firewood

another Canadian government resource, this one a guide to residential firewood heating

National Chimney Sweep Guild, includes search for local members in your area

discussion of heating qualities of different hardwood varieties

comparison of costs and value for firewood and other types of heating fuels

cord calculator

copy of Robert Frost’s poem, "Two Tramps in Mudtime"

copy of Robert Frost’s poem, "The Wood-pile"

Cooking wood links:

website for Steven Raichlen’s PBS show "Barbeque University"

website for Steven Raichlen’s best selling book "The Barbeque Bible"

website of author and cook specializing in traditional fireplace hearthcooking

noncommercial website about wood burning ovens, including plans for building a handmade masonry oven

website of Wicked Good "Weekend Warrior Blend" Lump Charcoal

noncommercial website ranking hardwood charcoals